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The Program of our
Presentation Masterclass


The program of our
presentation masterclass

A proven method to build your speeches

During the course you will learn how to structure your presentation, how to build amazing slides and how to deliver powerful messages.

The Architecture of
amazing presentations

The first part of the course will focus on how to plan and structure your presentation with the help of the Presentation Design Canvas: the secret sauce of any amazing presentation.


Mastering Visual storytelling

The second module of the course will focus on creating visuals that help you deliver your message and your audience absorb information. Because human beings are visual beings.


Delivering a captivating presentation

The third module will reveal the secrets of delivering an impactful speech and how to use your voice and body language to your advantage. 

The tools

3.5+ hours of video

The course has more than 40 video lessons organized in 3 modules, totalling 3.5+ hours of videos compounded with exercises and a workbook to help you.

33 pages Workbook

Throughout the course your learning will be helped and guided by a 33 pages workbook with guided reflections and exercises.


Quick quizzes

Quizzes are disseminated throughout the whole course to help you pay attention to the most important concepts covered.

The detailed program

First Module: Architecture

In this module you will be guided through the preparatory work for your presentation including understanding the Audience, finding the presentation Purpose, identifying the Key Message, understanding the importance of Context, Opening and Closing of your presentation and introduced to an easy way to structure your Content.

At the end of this module you will have created a Canvas that contains all the aspects of your presentation in a single page.

Second Module: Visuals

In this module you will be introduced to basic concepts related to how human beings absorb information and to best practices to prepare visual aids based on these. You will also learn best practices to conduct video and hybrid presentations as well as product and service demos.

A dedicated section for presenting data is also included in this module.

Third Module: Delivery

In this module you will learn more about the art and science of using your body language, your voice and the stage to fully communicate your message and capture the attention of your audience. The exercises require you being in a room that allows to move and test with your body and voice in a fun and engaging way.

Finally you will quickly go through best practices for rehearsing and as a closure a wrap up of the course.

“The content of the course was excellent and gave a lot of different perspectives also into things I had not thought of previously. Every section brought something new to think about.”

Sampsa Oja, Finland

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