3 Creative Ways To Use The Presentation Design Canvas

Written by Stefano Mosconi

March 16, 2021

Written by Stefano Mosconi

March 16, 2021

The Presentation Design Canvas

The Presentation Design Canvas is a great tool to prepare presentations and speeches.

It’s 9 boxes give everyone, even those who never have done a presentation in their lives, all the tools to be prepared, to be confident, to have an impact.

And it’s not only for those that have never done a presentation, I have been giving speeches in front of small and big audiences for the last 15 years and still today I use it for all my most important speeches.

It might seem a very simple tool but it is something that is extremely powerful in its simplicity and exactly because of that simplicity it lends itself to plenty of creative uses.

We are going to go through few of them here, hoping that you will he inspired by those and will turbocharge all your creative adventures.

Blog post or article

One of the unorthodox uses of the Presentation Design Canvas is to use it for writing a blog post.

The Presentation Design Canvas is built to send powerful and precise messages to exactly the kind of audience you have in mind. This very blog post is built on the canvas itself! And this, and this as well

Starting with the audience in mind you can craft your messages to fulfil your intended purpose: in the case of this article the audience is “people interested to learn more about the canvas“, the purpose is “to inform the audience on the many uses of the canvas“. 


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Promotional video

A promotion al video or an ad is in fact aa very short speech, and as a speech it is quite clean and obvious that you can use the canvas to build it.

As an example you can have a look at the short promo videos I created for the presenter masterclass and see how I used thee canvas to structure the message in there.

There’s a nice and clear opening intended to create interest and to establish trust and authority, and there’s a clear call to action for the audience at the end. And all of that in less than 1 minute.

Live Webinar

Another occasion where the canvas comes very much in handy is the occasion presented by a live webinar.

In this era of remote work and distance selling live webinars have become commonplace to attract new customers to your product and business.

Webinars have become a central piece of the sales strategy of any company whether they are in the B2B or B2C space.

Think about planning that webinar with a tool like the Presentation Design Canvas.

You could be sure that your very clear message reaches your audience in the right way.


The Presentation Design Canvas is a powerful ally for all sales guys, copywriters, and marketers to create and deliver powerful messages, attract new clients, drive more business for their companies.

Not only can help you deliver great speeches but it can help you prepare for promo videos, blog posts and live webinars.

It’s simple, easy to use and versatile.

And best of all it is free! What are you waiting for ?